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"Run Like a Tiger is Chasing You with Supreme Fitness"

Since 2007, we've helped over 700 local people achieve their health and fitness goals through Personal Training, Boot Camp, Small Group Training and Nutrition Coaching! Located outdoors in the stunning New Farm Park soccer oval, you'll enjoy training at one of the best spots in Brisbane. Classes are always challenging not torture, combining Fitness, Boxing and Strength sessions to give you a ton of variety. Add to that the fun of our legendary games including Ultimate Frisbee, Swissball Basketball, Soccer and Noodle Whipping you'll be loving life again in no time.


"I loved how the challenge was more of a 'fun time' than a drain. But to keep up with the fierce and fit competition, I really had to push myself!

I rediscovered old sports I love, found new recipes to stick to healthier eating with Chris's help, toned up following winter, and had fun doing it!

The winner t-shirt was a great outcome, but so was seeing our fitness friends encouraging each other to get into the challenge.

Magnificent Mel

"I started doing Boot Camp, 3 times per week. I wanted to get fit again, feel stronger and lose some weight.

My motivation is to be around for my young son and wife. Nine months on I feel much stronger through the core, have lost weight and improved my fitness out of sight.

I love training outside and it's more motivating to together in a group. Chris is very easy to get along with which helps. I loved my time so far and I really enjoy all the different ball games."

Speedy Shane

"We've been training with Chris now for a little over three months and we've had an unbelievable amount of weight loss and self confidence come back to us during this short time.

Chris' motivational pep talks, it’s now something we've taken out of the 'too hard basket' and we've come to enjoy. As hard as it was sometimes to actually want to work out, the feeling we have afterwards always makes the effort worthwhile."

Cool Christine and Nifty Neal

"Chris makes it challenging and mixes it up and I always walk away feeling energized and ready for the day. I love the group environment it creates a sense comaredry and support.

I found Chris's approach to training refreshing and unique. He is a warm, sympathetic person with a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and exercise and you always feel he is giving you his full attention. He's not a shouter or a bully but pushes you enough so you feel you never want to let yourself or him down."

Kickass Kate

Coach Chris Tuck- The Parkrun Warm Up Guy!

I’ve always been pretty fit and healthy, enjoying an active lifestyle of running, swimming, bike riding, table tennis, soccer and golf. But back in 2007 I was 12kgs overweight. That's when I finally did my PT course, dropped the weight and got back to my former self.

Now 13 years on, I’ve learnt so much more about nutrition, exercise and recovery as a Precision Nutrition Pro Coach and Certified Online Trainer, so I can help you better than ever achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

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